Week 50 2018

All times have been adjusted for the timezone: America/Los_Angeles

December 2018
Birthdays: lukari
Birthdays: lycanx1 Necrosie
Birthdays: kizunami Xpoku
Birthdays: aishamalik akramadnan908 at7515 bookb2474 Cojin filambhai jhonmarjk jhonwalkat kakaroto2018 laodewuna lokirry looitsooit lootlawo LuDST1 ortiyqoit soitypolir soliuzopitu starwind3437 Stronglength1 Yuma Zane zolkipir
Birthdays: Erato Rilho Stefan Schernthanner
Birthdays: karumin ronginkumar
12:00 AM  Runes of Magic Launch Anniversary  (Runes of Magic)
Birthdays: Mfbsvadk Mfbsvadka Uwolf
3:00 PM  Dragon's Prophet GM Event  (Baerton Starguard (B11))
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