Atropus, the Baleful Shade
An enchanting dragon, Atropus appears in the Summer alongside Alstromera but prefers the lofty canopies of shade during the peak of the season. Both its eyes and leaves shine an entrancing glow, luring folk into the gloom whereby it then offers up a scale. This lowering of the guard allows the venom oozing from its scales to sear through skin and invoke within their victim a poison that renders them numb in minutes, dead in hours.

Atropus is not a greedy dragon by nature, but when they do take it is only in the slaughter of watching slow, painful deaths and then consuming what remains of their victims. Because this is their natural means of survival, they share no compassion, not even under the command of an Osiria. They are committed and tuned to this act of hunting through deception.

It is common to mistake this dragon for a rogue colouration of Alstromera so Osiria commonly misinterpret that it is merely a rare variation. Some parts of this are indeed true but the difference between them is one is highly venomous and compassion less, while the other is not.

It is difficult to find let alone provision these dragons, but recently it was taken into custody of the Laedis Academy. Before this time, it was known as a dragon in Korhala that led travellers to their doom.

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