Carnelian Warden
Miners of Hales Killhand eroded the walls of Tanarkin Quarry so excessively that within the depths of the chasm below a ghastly howl began to echo, as if a demon had awakened from its slumber. This demon, in actuality, is the dragon Carnelian Warden.

How it was born is not known but in times long forgotten, when the cavern was a wildly different shape, a brood of dragons roosted. After the cavern collapsed and changed shape due to an earthquake, it is thought that they were buried in a closed off sector of the labyrinth. Another story told is that Carnelian Warden was born from the cavern. Whatever the truth is, flecks of Carnelian Wardens body has been rarely found in the very walls itself.

If one follows Hales Killhand's duty carefully within the earthen quarry, one may face themselves with a combative quarry – Carnelian Warden itself.

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