Guardian 1-H Piersar PvE/PvP (CounterClysm)

Discussion in 'Class & Dragon Discussion' started by Ethric The Mad, Mar 9, 2020.

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    May 16, 2017
    Well it sure has been a while....again....*cough*.... Anyways, I was looking at my polls and it seems a lot of people like 1-H Piersar and I do too, so we shall dive in and explore this high paced build that any party would love to have!

    Ferocity: 200
    (crits do a ton of work in this build)
    Focus/Constitution: 121 (focus might be generally better but con gives you natural damage)

    1-H Weapon Mastery 10/10
    (20% more damage? ok)
    Strong body 10/10 (Con is good for you)
    Life Blessing 10/10 (Hp is also good for you but feel free to take other things)
    Invincibility 10/10 ( stun breaker and 5 sec anti cc with AoE knock back)

    Shield block 5/10
    (got a shield so why not? It's really good too)
    counterattack 5/10 (required for a god mastery)
    Backhand slash 10/10 (restores tons of AP and is a free skill. good vs prarie fire)
    Reckless Rush 5/10 (required for god skill, fun combo piece, stuns)
    Shield Bash 5/10 (activates the next skill)
    Vulnerability attack 10/10 (activates everything, most critical skill and it is passive)
    Spiral Slash 10/10 (lots of hits and tons of damage from this combo)
    Swirling Shield 5/10 (activates vulnerability attack)
    Spiral Slash-combo 5/10 (more slashing, more crits)

    Counter Storm(right) 10/10
    (A true dream, staggers bosses, tons of damage, heals, this is everything)
    Sword of fortitude(left) 10/10 (recovers DS, quick and can be used during counter storms)
    Light of fortitude(right) 1/10 (helps you and the party resist cc for 12 seconds and stuff)
    Shield of fortitude(left) 1/10 (3 second knock down AoE, also helps the party a bit)
    warning step(left) 3/10 (this here is your "oh shit" button)

    This build is a high paced one that lets you help allies and yourself, works great pretty much anywhere.
    Make sure you practice with it before you go to war.
    Gear yourself towards crit chance, CON, and natural damage.

    Thanks for reading and have an amazing day!
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  3. Winkeyy

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    Sep 20, 2019
    I've used a similar build on my Guardian so definitely can vouch for how strong this build is, very safe the damage out put is nice and consistant, would highly recommend this build to anyone just getting into Guardian!
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  4. Ashah/Sext

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    Dec 31, 2017
    Nice take on the build but definitely drop the 3 point warning step down to 1 and use the extra 2 points to go into Warlord Befalls. Consider also electric Dive as this build has Reckless rush as the only gap closer and it sucks.
    Do some testing on 10points Slash on the 2nd page to see if you like the burst.
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