Oracle 1H Istalon PvE/PvP (Holy Trinity+)

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    Dps, tanking, and heals, oh my!......BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!
    That's right, folks! Right now for the low low price(plus grinding and leveling) of one class, you can be the next best thing since FlexTape!
    Not only is an Oracle a perfect Bandaid for all problems in game, it is also the solution for sucking in real life.
    The Oracle easily fills all 3 main roles it covers many sub-roles as well! Effective at all ranges in combat, this class also provides many CC effects, buffs, and debuffs. Somebody post some Oracle Doge memes. wow
    This class has some serious balls and this build showcases many great attributes of the Oracle that even beginners can learn with.

    Full INT, why not

    Talisman Mastery 10/10 (DAMAGE)
    Flash Shadow 1/10 (pass through enemies while dealing damage and a combo)
    Strong Physique 9/10 (you can replace this with anything really, I just prefer it)
    Enhanced Intelligence 10/10 (more INT)
    Over Limit 5/10 (CC immunity)
    Frozen Time 5/10 (Time stopping balls)(long range)

    Flying Blade 10/10 (3 stunning balls penetrating in a mid ranged forward cone)
    Impact core 10/10 (Large long ranged ball explodes on miss)
    Soul Blast 5/10 (AoE repel)
    Spinning Blade 10/10 (2 short ranged bleeding balls)
    Soul Assault 5/10 (dodge backwards shooting a ball) combos with soul blast and spinning blade
    Shocking Resolution 10/10 (call 4 bolts of lightning down in a forward mid ranged line)
    Cure 10/10 (This is amazing. mid ranged targeted cure. lasts 12 seconds and ticks for massive heals every 2 seconds with nearly no CD!)

    Amethyst Illusion 10/10 (AoE +30% magic damage buff with a 30 sec CD and lasts 60 sec....)
    Amethyst storm(left) 10/10 (Long ranged targeted, AoE light storm that debuffs the mag/Phy damage of all it hits with its massive damage)
    Amethyst protection 5/10 (recovers SP and deals extra damage when you whack something) tiny balls

    Really, do what feels best with the attributes. This build can be used anywhere you take your Oracle. It really does most
    everything you want in a party. If you want to abuse amethyst illusion, the adrenaline surge soul skill, and blessing of oziak soul skill,
    I would suggest just the int set. Other things work of course but you can get crazy high magic damage and...roughly 60% crit chance with
    little effort really.

    Thanks for your time and please leave comments after you give it a try!
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