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    Oct 20, 2016
    Now that the kinks have been worked out enough to relaunch, we will be officially opening up the Dragon's Prophet server.

    You can currently register by going to the following link: Dragon's Prophet Registration

    If you were on the server yesterday you will need to delete the folders in the /Cache/ file in your Dragon's Prophet install.

    You can download the latest version of the client here (always updated): Dragon's Prophet Latest Download

    Those of you who have been waiting to donate, or wanting to donate can go to the following link to purchase Platinum which you can then turn in for Diamonds: Purchase Platinum

    Here is a guide for turning Platinum into Diamonds: Platinum & Currency Guide

    To celebrate the re-opening we will be running a login reward event for the month of March. Here is a breakdown of what will be offered each day:

    Day 1 - Day 6: 99x Supreme XP Orbs which is enough to get you to level 108 and beyond
    Day 7 - Day 9: Components for making Thadrea (102 Orange Set)
    Day 10: 200,000 Gold Ticket
    Day 11: Ferocious Duality Egg
    Day 12: Skitter Egg
    Day 13: Jadeite Egg
    Day 14: 300x300 Land Warrant
    Day 15: Chaotic Terror Egg
    Day 16: 20x Academy Knowledge Enhancer
    Day 17: 20x Academy Dragon Soul Crystal
    Day 18: 20x Academy Skill Crystal
    Day 19: 5x 100 Laedis Academy Provisions
    Day 20: 50x 10,000 Dragon Provisions
    Day 21: 50x Morgath Invocation Orb IV
    Day 22: 5x Dragon Egg Restoration Liquid
    Day 23: 5x Bag Slot Unlock Card
    Day 24: 5x Bank Slot Unlock Card
    Day 25: 50x Advanced Repair Hammer
    Day 26: 25x Attribute Transfer Demon Crystal
    Day 27: Darksteel Armor Set
    Day 28: 20x Academy Training Whip
    Day 29: 10x Miraculous Costume Transformation Elixir
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  3. xxxdenisxxx7

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    Apr 6, 2017
    cant believe ive missed this :c
  4. Rceelilie

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    Apr 30, 2017
    that looks like a good deal, a few months too late
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