Announcement Dragon's Prophet Weekly Maintenance 5/18/2020

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    We will be having our weekly routine maintenance at 7 PM PST Monday evening. During the maintenance we will be doing the following:
    • Ripped out the Moonlight Ambassador's vocal cords finally
      • This actually was done in a prior patch, but if the NPC isn't modified in game it doesn't save. Thanks Runewaker
    • Adding Midas Moonlight Dragons
    • Fixed Draconic Influence not saving buff after death
    • Fixed a rollback in the Paragon Dragon Gacha
    • TW Strings released for Marketplace (other strings will be added soon, this was done as a test)
    • Added Pretty Pretty Princess title for Amenoryu... Because he's a pretty pretty princess (this title will be made available for everyone soon)
    • Added Deyarka Bastille potions to James Brown shop: this will be available from the James Brown Flute or will be available when we spawn James Brown.
      • Currently Lava Dragon Essence is missing
      • This will eventually be added to another NPC so they're always available, this was just done during testing and made available to players while I figure out the dialog data
    • Changed Spawn calendar and to use UTC-8 as the timezone as local time did not work properly for most people.
    Maintenance generally lasts between 1-2 hours, though we will announce in the Discord if it will take longer. You can join our Discord by going here: Join the AdeptGamer Discord Server!
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