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Discussion in 'Bug Reports & Suggestions' started by Catspaw, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Apr 4, 2017
    Ok, I am not sure how to report this....

    I have logged in and have danced for eggs and then claimed Login reward & vip. As I get back to my house I logout on the toon and proceed to my next alt. Just before reset, I log back in again to make sure all is claimed and notice that some days I did claim are red x-marked out and some are not. And sometimes it reverts back as if I did not claim at all.
    Also. since I had to reclaim login just before reset... then reset happens, the login reward claim appears not to have been taken.
    Sometimes, when I log in the next day, the previous day I actually claimed is sometimes red Xed out.
    I am assuming that this has a great impact on my VIP status on those toons, involved.
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