Samael, the Hellforged
Rumors were that Samael, the Hellforged witnessed the calamity of The Second Dragon War before descending into a five-hundred year slumber in Mulungu Volcano. Its existence, let alone the name it was known by, was undocumented by militant forces of the Mulungu Stronghold for a great length of time.

As the tall tales speak, a resentful dragon was imprisoned within the volcano due to their frightful power, disturbing the watchful gaze of the legendary dragons during the relentless war. It was understood that Samael wished to serve and decimate the Devouring Dragon Army during the skirmish, but with brutal tactics that only resulted in pyrrhic victories. Lines of dragon corpses of his own allegiance were lined across the land in equal measure to his foes. While not inheriting any Devouring Dragon Blood within him, the other dragons feared him greatly and forcefully united to imprison him in the volcano.

This is supposedly where he had slept for 500 years since the great conflict, though there are doubts on the dragons presence there. It would seem confinement of Samael was merely voluntary and an opportunity to test mettle, being able to leave at any time if they willed it. Since the reawakening this dragon now gleams like a molten core and their presence in the region is like the coming of meteor rain. Its utter ferocity keeps it in the exclusive confines of the Laedis Academy, though only because Samael wills it.

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